1Taxes reduction on side of URA, that when will the government reduce on the taxes of these items on the common list though import duty is free?
2Why does other product pay value added tax (VAT) and yet there are agricultural grown products from DRC e.g plantains (gonjja)?
3Why have government ban cosmetics from DRC saying it has hydroquinone and mercury and yet there others which does not have those ingredients and are not allowed entering the country?
4When is the construction of the Mpondwe export zone market starts? So that storage facilities can be there to reduce on losses traders face?
5Will there be a hospital around the market to help traders who may fill unconscious when their making trade with in the market?
6Will the new structure favor people with disability?
7How long will the construction take? And will there be room for the local community to benefit in the construction n process?
8That why does Customs and standards publish lotions that are supposed to be traded in Uganda from DRC?
9Is there a plan to expand the road the at connect DRC and Uganda because the available one has been eroded by running water and has therefore became small or squeezed?
10That is COMESA and ministry planning about the bridge because the available one has gotten cracks in it and very soon it’s going to be off, and the business is going to be on hold?
11When will STR apply on manufactured products, because these products are common list, supposed to benefit on import duty and traders are trading in it?
12When will customs publish different taxes levied on different goods so that traders can easily now which items pays which product?
13The certificates of origin is allows asked by small cross border traders for the products their trading in?
14When will the compensation for the land were the OSBP is going to be constructed happen ?
15What has government done to solve the problem of fish coming to Mpondwe border even if its mature fish soldiers arrest it?
16How far with government negotiation with DR Congo to allow beverages to cross to DRC?
17How will the compensations for the land to put OSBP be?
18That there should be uniform documents to be given to small traders that will have to apply on both sides of the two countries?