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Impact of the GLTF Project

According to Orombi John, there has been improvement;

  • The project has conducted awareness and capacity building sessions for the traders to educate them about the regulations governing cross border trade, the border procedures, the rights of the traders, the importance of cross border trade associations and how to effectively manage the associations
  • The presence of a Trade Information Desk at Goli has helped the traders by providing them with the necessary information on border procedures, dispute settlement and creating awareness. The Trade information desks were established at various border points by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives with support from COMESA with the purpose of enhancing cross border trade
  • Traders are now aware of their rights and the border procedures
  • No more confiscation of products. Border officials used to confiscate the traders merchandise and would charge heavy fines but this has reduced
  • The Goli Cross Border Trade Association (CBTA) has been strengthened through capacity building by GLTF Project. There is unity among traders and their association is now recognized and respected.
  • The taxation regime is now transparent