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How does the STR work?

The Simplified Trade Regime is intended to help COMESA Member States overcome challenges facing cross border traders by simplifying the process of customs clearanc­es. Goods imported under the STR enter in and out of Uganda free of customs import duty and through a simplified customs pro­cedure. For a trader to take advantage of the STR, the following aspects must be fol­lowed;

  1. The trader must complete a simplified customs document (declaration form)
  2. A simplified certificate of origin must also be signed and stamped by a customs official of the exporting country. The cer­tificate of origin is issued at the border by a Customs Officer and is for consign­ments of US$2,000 or less.
  3. A simplified customs declaration docu­ment must be filled by the trader as he or she enters the country of import.
  4. The goods in question must be on the common list of qualifying goods existing or displayed at the customs offices