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Land acquisition

During the visit, Minister Gume told MPs that Government has already secured 4.3 acres of URA land for the construction of the OSBP and is currently negotiating with squatters for an extra 6.9 acres for construction of the OSBP at Mpondwe. The boundary opening for the land has already been done and negotiations for an extra 6.9 acres that goes up to the border line, to enable government have full control of the Mpondwe border point are ongoing.

The Minister also told MPs that for the modern Border Market, land has already been secured and the Ministry has called for proposals to procure companies that will do the actual construction for both the OSBP and the Border Market. The construction of the two structures will cost USD9.4m with the actual construction expected to begin at the end of 2018.

The GTLF Project Coordinator and Principle Commercial Officer in the Ministry of Trade Steven Kamukama says the OSBP project is concurrently being implemented by DR Congo and the facility will house all government agencies from Uganda and DR Congo under one roof to complete all entry and exit formalities for both passengers and cargo. This will reduce the time of clearance for cross border traders and other users. Kamukama says the same infrastructure will be constructed in Bunagana and Goli, however these two are still awaiting funding.

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Tourism, Trade and Industry Hon. Alex Ruhunda, however, cautioned the implementing agencies to directly involve the local leaders and the traders in Mpondwe in the implementation of the project.