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  3. Bi-Lateral Technical meeting between Uganda and DRC in Goma
  5. The following recommendations were made :

The following recommendations were made :

  • – Uganda should share with DRC documentation for operationalising the OSBPS such as the OSBP Act and related regulations
  • The JTC should hold a meeting at one of the OSBPS operational borders of Uganda for sharing of knowledge and experience. But prior to the meeting, Uganda should first share with DRC the information relating to OSBPs operationalisation.
  • – The customs authorities to conduct joint border surveillance, monitoring and share information to combat fraud and splitting of goods at the Borders
  • – The customs authorities to fast track the establishment of the joint border and marine and land surveillance framework
  • – The customs authorities to fast track implementation of the customs electronic system to all border posts to reduce revenue losses
  • – The customs authorities to continue working together to reduce smuggling

Progress on Standards Cooperation and Conformity Assessment

The committee reviewed the progress on cooperation on standards. The committee noted substandard goods and counterfeits are a challenge to cross border trade development and agreed to develop mechanism to improve conformity of goods traded between the two countries.

The committee meeting recommended that;

  1. Uganda to provide information regarding the issue of the counterfeit mattresses (Megha Industries) to the government of DRC
  2. The standards bodies of the two countries to meet and finalise an MOU for eventual mutual recognition, joint verification where necessary and facilitation of small scale cross border traders.
  3. DRC to share a copy of the DRC-Rwanda MOU